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Exciting News! 2 new services from Keith Henderson Photo!

Over the past months I've been developing 2 new services to help you sell homes. Realtors, builders and renovators can use these services to enhance their marketing efforts. Real estate boards are recommending agents not hold Open Houses, so online presentation is more important than ever.

Walk-through Videos

Using a motorized hand-held gimbal device to keep the camera steady, walk-through videos can be shot in up to 4K resolution, with audio if required. Short intro clips are a popular addition to the videos. Voice-over audio can also be added, as well as music. For realtors, walk-through videos, similar to drone videos, can be directly added to virtual tours, alongside the regular still photos and panoramas. Walk-through videos can add real drama to showcasing homes. Walk-through videos are available for only $149.

3D Virtual Tours

3D Virtual Tours are another very exciting service. These virtual tours are stand alone and offer the viewer an interactive experience, using hotspots for navigation through the property and a mouse or trackpad to look around. Floorplans can be added to 3D tours, allowing for interactive navigation. 3D Tours can also be added to standard Virtual Tours, with a link in the More Info section. Add 3D Tours to your home marketing package for only $139.

These new services compliment our comprehensive single property websites (virtual tours) that provide beautiful slideshows, with music, 360 degree panoramas, integrated floor plans, and more.

And, of course, high resolution drone photos and videos continue to be extremely popular with realtors and commercial clients alike. Drone photos provide dramatic new angles and vistas to your presentations.


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