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Drones and Squares

As fall arrives in BC, it seems timely to share two bits of news from Keith Henderson Photo:

New Square Chip Reader

Firstly, great news for my realtor clients who have been using their credit cards on site. Up to now, clients have had to use the mag stripe Square reader. Square has just released, at long last, a wireless chip reader. Clients can now insert their chip enabled credit card, rather than using the mag stripe. Chip readers are much more reliable and secure than the old mag stripe technology. This reader will now accept Apple Pay, Android Pay, and any chip enabled credit card. You can also use tap for debit payments under $100.

A New Drone Has Landed!

After a summer of using the Phantom 3 Standard drone, and getting some great aerial photos and video, I've upgraded to a brand new Phantom 4 Advanced +. The big difference is the new camera, which features a Sony 1 inch sensor, mechanical shutter and variable aperture. Combined with a superior lens and improved image processing software, this drone takes 20 megapixel photos and 4K videos. This is almost twice the resolution, with much better colour rendition and lower noise, than the Phantom 3. The benefits are immediately obvious, as these photos illustrate:

Pitt River, BC

Photos taken with the new DJI camera rival photos taken with tripod mounted DSLRs. The Phantom 4 Advanced is much more of a professional photography platform, with manual camera controls, improved stability and more. Drone videos are much improved as well, with a variety of HD settings, including the ability to shoot in 4K.

What's the big deal about drones? A drone is, at it's most basic, a flying tripod, allowing the photographer or videographer to capture buildings and homes from multiple angles and vantage points that a "terrestrial" photographer just can't get to. Architectural photographers, myself included, climb ladders, go up on roofs, use Genie lifts, anything, to get a different vantage point. I have used my 20 foot pole system to change the viewing angle or get over a hedge. With the drone, I can get literally anywhere around a property to get the shot I want. I can even shoot bracketed images to produce HDR photos!

Get in touch to learn more!

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