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Drone in flight

I'm happy to report that I have registered my drone and passed my drone pilot exam. So, I'm now a Certified Drone Pilot!

After several years of uncertainty and basically unworkable drone regulations, Transport Canada introduced new rules for sRPAS (Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) effective June 1st, 2019.

The new rules require that drones be registered, and that operators hold a valid Drone Pilot Certificate. Once registered and certified, operators have to follow mostly common sense rules, such as distance from airports, maximum altitude, as well as privacy rules.

So, from now on, I can fly the drone for commercial purposes, as long as I follow the regulations.

Drones, basically flying cameras, are a great tool for architectural and scenic photography. They can be positioned precisely to capture large properties or scenic vistas, or flown in for closeups of gardens or facades. Drone videos can add tremendous drama to real estate listings or social media programs.

Give me a call to discuss using a drone to enhance your property photography.

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