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New Pricing for 3D Walk-Through Tours

3D Immersive Walk-Through Tours have become very popular with realtors, home buyers and sellers alike. 3D Tours provide a unique way to "visit" a home, allowing viewers to "walk through" and look around each room.

3D Tours provide great added value to standard virtual tours, along with great photos, neighbourhood information and drone photos and videos.

Due to increased costs, a new pricing schedule for 3D Tours is necessary. New pricing will be effective February 15th, 2022. In place of the previous flat rate, pricing will now be based on square footage, reflecting the additional shooting and processing time required as a home's size increases. Note that pricing for condos, townhouses and smaller houses up to 2500 square feet remains at $99.

3D Tour Pricing Schedule - effective February 15th 2022

Condos & Townhouses, up to 2500 sq ft $99 (no change)

Homes up to 3500 sq ft $139

Homes 3500 - 5000 sq ft $175

Homes over 5000 sq ft $250

Over 7000 sq ft inquire for a quote

Since I am now required to provide a square footage estimate when setting up 3D Tours, I will ask for that information when booking shoots.

All 3D Tours include a detailed floor plan, with room measurements, which can be exported as pdf files. The popular dollhouse feature is also included with all 3D Tours. The 3D Tour can also be exported for offline viewing, a nice gift for buyers or sellers!

Note that 3D Tours are an add-on feature to the standard Virtual Tours.

Please contact me at for more information about 3D Tours.


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