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Flash is Dead! Long Live HTML5!

Exclusive Home Tours

This is for my Real Estate virtual tour clients. You may have noticed that recent Exclusive Home Tours virtual tours have a different look. Let me explain.

It was recently brought to my attention that certain devices were not displaying virtual tours properly. In some cases they wouldn't display at all. I determined that the culprit was Adobe's Flash. Flash is a bit of software that enables motion graphics in web sites. Unfortunately, Flash doesn't play well with all platforms, particularly anything from Apple. iOS and MacOS don't natively support Flash, which causes all kinds of problems for websites which use it. Steve Jobs once famously declared that Apple would no longer support Flash, and that it was an obsolete technology.

The solution is HTML5, which is a more modern framework for the creation of websites. Thus, I have adopted a new HTML5 template for all Exclusive Home Tours virtual tours. This platform does a good job with motion graphics, such as slide shows and panoramas. And, HTML5 works with all browsers and platforms. I have tried to make the new platform look as similar as possible to the old Flash tours, while at the same time looking more modern.

The new template adds some nice features, including a pull-out contact screen, nicely integrated floor plan(s), as well as improved property info pages. When editing a tour in the Client Panel, you can enter a variety of property info into the tour, such as price, square footage, bathrooms, bedrooms and more. This info is displayed in the "More Info" section of the tour.

Give me a call if you have questions about the new look tours.

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