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3D Tours - Now with Floor Plans and Dollhouse!

Exciting news! 3D Immersive Walk-Through Tours are now available with Floor Plans and, wait for it.......dollhouse views! I've teamed up with my friends at Urbanimmersive to offer the next level of 3D Tours. Using a new camera and software, 3D Tours can now be offered with integrated floor plans, and now with interactive dollhouse views.

Floor plans are produced automatically from the panoramas and provide room dimensions and panorama "hot spots", allowing quick navigation through the home. The dollhouse view adds an interactive three dimensional aspect to 3D Tours.

Here's a recent example of a 3D Tour, with floor plan and dollhouse:

The floor plan is accessed by the "mini map" logo at top left of the tour screen. The dollhouse can be toggled using the 3D logo at the bottom of the screen (beside the camera logo).

The best news of all? 3D Immersive tours, with floor plan and dollhouse are now available for only $99, when combined with a regular Virtual Tour!

Stand alone 3D Tours are $139. Stand alone tours are great for commercial applications, such as custom homes or renovations, or for warehouse/factory tours. These can be a great add-on to regular still photography or aerial drone imagery.

Call or email me for more information on 3D Walk-Through Tours, or to schedule your next photo shoot.


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