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3D Walk-Through Tours: Take a Look Around!

3D Walk-Through tours are a great way to showcase your property. 3D Tours allow viewers (potential buyers!) to virtually "walk" from room to room, look around, and get a feel for the home. Using hot spots, viewers move from place to place, or room to room throughout the property. They use their mouse or trackpad to look around a 360 x 360 view of each space.

These days open houses are discouraged, so realtors and builders have to use online tools to showcase their properties. Photo galleries, virtual tours, drone photos, videos and 3D walk-through tours are essential tools to get maximum exposure.

Here's a recent 3D Tour of a new home in Burnaby. It was done for a new home builder::

3D Walk-Through Tours can be a useful addition to your property marketing efforts. They don't replace your other tools, such as professional still photos or even video or drone images, but they can be an effective addition to your marketing toolbox.

Whether you're a builder, renovator or realtor or project marketer, give me a call to discuss how we can add 3D Walk-Through Tours to your property marketing program!


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